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Guns of Glory

Welcome to Jane's Constellation of Troops, KR 252. Here you can have the optimal troop costing calculated from my experience for your own attack and defense values.

Since GoG changed the combat system, the calculator is no longer very effective.
If you want to use it anyway, you can of course use all features free of charge until the computer has been adjusted.


Resource calculator for construction projects


  • In the free version 1 slot
  • Up to 8 marching shafts can be saved
  • Data can be copied from shaft to shaft
  • Works with all modern browsers
  • Available in German, English, French and Italian
  • Each saved constellation can be adapted as often as required


  • Automatic determination of the amount of resources
  • All construction projects within the castle can be selected
  • Consideration of armor and guardian bonuses
  • Input and calculation for 5 castles
  • Available in German, English, French and Italian
  • powered by THΣΔRCHITΣCT

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